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Jim Jocoy: We're Desperate

I first came across Jim Jocoy's photography in his book, We're Desperate. It was in the art department of the music merchandiser that I had just started working for, maybe 2 years after its release in 2002.

Jim's photos made a huge impression on me; the punks and future icons he photographed in SF and LA inspired so much of my work then, and now. The radical style and behavior he documented was, as Thurston Moore put it:"...anti-hippie, anti-disco, anti-parent, and anti-"nice"...ground zero of punk rock style."

A couple of decades later I was telling my photographer I wanted my brand's first photoshoot to look like Jim had shot it. And as fate would have it, when I walked into the record store we were shooting at...there it was. A single used copy of We're Desperate was on the book shelf. That was my copy by rights.

Time and fate had brought me to that book again, and now I get to bring it to you with the first line of apparel (artifacts, really) featuring the punk photography of Jim Jocoy.

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