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Miriam Linna

Miriam Linna is THE head of heads, the beat-maker of hip shakers like the A-Bones, original drummer and co-founder of The Cramps, the queen bee of the Norton Records hive with the teetering stacks of the rockin’-est wax!

My collaboration with Miriam started after I found out about her early 80's zine about everything juvie, Bad Seed.

Bad Seed lovingly documents the sex, crime, switchblades and hot rods, gang debs and the paperback smut that told the tales.

With the addition of the Smut Peddler tote, featuring the cover from her zine documenting exotica in paperback, our collaboration continues...


Miram Linna, Bad Seed, The Cramps, Norton Records, A-Bones, Bad Seed Collection, Juvenile Delinquents, pulp fiction, rumble, punk, rock n roll, tees, t-shirt, bryan gregory, the cramps, love me


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Smut Peddler Tote