Paul Pope

Not all punks and rockers are known for their music, some of us create the parts you see, and somewhere on the edge, between rock'n'roll and halftone dots, is Paul Pope. 

To celebrate the reissue of his amazing series, "100%", we've created a limited edition capsule, and only 100 are available. Each order comes with a shirt, two stickers, and a risograph print signed by artist/creator, Paul Pope!

Pope's comics look and feel like your favorite Bad Seeds record drew Blade Runner while listening to the Spiders from Mars. "100%" blends the worlds of sex work, love, and urban menace into a story that punches, kisses, and weaves through the lives of 6 people that inhabit the dystopian future Pope's created.

I've been a fan of his for 20 years, and I hope you'll dig his work as much as I do.

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