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Karlheinz Weinberger

When amateur Swiss photographer Karlheinz Weinberger (1921-2006) pointed his camera at the pompadoured Halbstarke rebels of Switzerland in the late 1950’s and early 190's—the “half-strong”, or the Verlausten, “lice ridden ones,” as the mainstream chided them—he saw beyond the grease, grit and violence. Each exposure revealed a beguiling back alley world of lost boys and fast girls. Sure, these kids were rough, but, as Weinberger discovered, they were surprisingly human, too.

Rock Roll Repeat is the first brand to ever partner with the photographer’s estate, creating an exclusive shirt collection celebrating Weinberger’s brash love affair with the young and the reckless. 

Soft wearable artifacts in a classic unisex cut and printed on inclusive sizes, these tees feature select images from Karlheinz Weinberger’s archives, and are available exclusively from Rock Roll Repeat.

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