Rock Roll Repeat is a one-person, Oakland-based, rock apparel brand that has been slinging affordable and original designs to discerning heads, punks, weirdos, and cretins since 2016. 

Besides classic originals, I also collaborate with musicians, artists and photographers, the legendary movers and shakers from punk's past, unearthing the obscure heart and soul beating just beneath the glossy surface of the rock'n'roll-nostalgia-complex, to bring you limited, one-of-a-kind collections featuring their work. And when you buy from these collections you'll own an artifact that makes you a part of their story. Wearable history, you can dance, fight, and make-out in.

All of my shirts are printed locally on W.R.A.P. certified, sweatshop-free tees and are available in a ton of different sizes.

If you're interested in carrying Rock Roll Repeat in your shop, collaborating, or you just wanna shoot the breeze, email: info@rockrollrepeatforever.com

Get dirty looks.